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Aldo Tagliaferro. Memoria - Identificazione

22 June - 6 October 2018


curated by Alberto Zanchetta


With collaboration of Archivio Aldo Tagliaferro, Parma

Osart Gallery is pleased to announce the retrospective dedicated to the artist Aldo Tagliaferro (Legnano, 1936 - Parma, 2009). 

The solo show, curated by Alberto Zanchetta, scheduled from June 21st to October 6th 2018 at the Osart Gallery, Corso Plebisciti 12 in Milan, aims at enhancing the artist's work through the selection of historical and unique works that belong to a specific cycle, MEMORY-IDENTIFICATION - in a temporal variability, which is placed in an important period during which Tagliaferro enters fully into his definitive conceptual period, honing a new working method - that is for projects - to which he will remain faithful throughout his entire career.

At the heart of the great work of Aldo Tagliaferro is the constant analysis of the human being, his eternal conflict with the "I" and the environment that surrounds it. 

His research, in addition to critically examining events in the social context, from the 70s onwards is oriented towards a more specific direction of human behaviour and, looking at different aspects, develops an investigation on memory and identification relatingreality with an intimate moment.

In the analysis of MEMORY-IDENTIFICATION - in a temporal variability, Tagliaferro uses two elements: memory and identification, because - as the artist said - «the sum of both these, parallel up to overlap, gives a knowledge of our self through lived experiences. This can affect us in the present time, because our behaviour is given by the sum of our assimilated experiences and the push towards the new, which change in relation to the real time that is the present».

The exhibition opens in the main room with two important works on emulsified canvases: a diptych Detail "MNEMONIC IDENTIFICATION" (1972) and the monumental installation, composed of ten canvases, titled IDENTIFICATION IN A TEMPORAL OBJECTIVE VARIABILITY (1973). Behind this works there's a set of elements used to create different possibilities for interaction between a photograph dated 1882, its repetitions varied in a scale of colours from white to black and the possibility, for everyone who looks at them, to choose their own 'identification frame'. The large photographs are set up in the exhibition space in order to encourage the audience to feel part of the evoked environment.

In the second room, the exhibitionmoves on with the section dedicated to the projects created in 1972: Study for: MEMORY-IDENTIFICATION - in a temporal variability, MEMORY-IDENTIFICATION (blue version) and Project for MEMORY-IDENTIFICATION - in a temporal variability.

Here it is possible to view the genesis of the artist's focus on Memory. The same photograph that characterizes the canvases is repeated on cardboard as if to make it temporally verifiable, so suggests Tagliaferro when he defines the four ways of using the photographic image.

The uniqueness of these selected works and, above all, the theatricality of the installation become, for the viewer, a physical materialization of the scene that allows us to understand, from the philological point of view, the complete project vision of one of the greatest protagonists of conceptual art.


Biographical notes (1936-2009)

Aldo Tagliaferro was born in Legnano in 1936. At the beginning of the 60s, he devoted himself to the artistic profession and in 1963 he held his first solo show at Associazione di Legnano. After a period in which he reconsidered his work, he begun a documentation and analysis of the socio-political context and of human behaviour. Photographic images borrowed from news sections brought him closer to reality. In 1969 he joined the Mec-Art. From 1971 onwards he continued his photographic research in an autonomous way. Among his exhibitions, we can recall the 35th Venice Biennale (1970), Combattimento per un'immagine (1973), Fotomedia (1974-1975).


Location: Osart Gallery | Corso Plebisciti 12, 20129 Milan

Date: June 22, 2018 – October 6, 2018

Opening time: from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 1pm/ 2.30pm – 7pm (free entrance)

Catalogue: bilingual Italian/english with critical essay by Alberto Zanchetta

Contact: T 02 5513826 Mail 

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