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Verifica di una mostra.jpg

November 8 , 2013 - February 7, 2014 | Osart Gallery, Milan

Cover Photo: Verifica di una mostra, Galleria Stein, Photo by Enrico Cattaneo

In collaboration with Archivio Aldo Tagliaferro 

Curated by Daniela Palazzoli 

The exhibition is dedicated to the years between 1970 and 1979 – a period of time that, more than any others, can be defined conceptual and highly creative for Aldo Tagliaferro's work. Through the works on exhibition, thirty unique and vintage pieces, we ride all his creative, design and human process. Everything starts in 1970 with Verifica di Una Mostra and this is the reason why, if you want to reread his work in a modern way, as the artist would like, you need to get inspiration from it, in order to signal the new beginning that he is developing in this decade.

The works of Aldo Tagliaferro have the freshness of modernity, because he has not conceived them as products but as processes, in which viewers begin to feel themselves transformed into active participants of his events. To do that, he uses highly innovative devices in his works, such as performances, installations, the functional use of a photograph of ideas on primed canvas, the environmental size of many works "to be watched even with the body". And he combines the discovery of unknown environments and situations, with the use of a wide range of sensations – from sympathy to fear, unease, nostalgia and pleasure – as well as of emotions and feelings, from the sense of affinity and human heat to the irony that promotes the emotional detachment.

Tagliaferro will never abandon the interactive nature related to the empowering of new players to the activities of animation and dynamic understanding of what works want to be: that is, permanent incentives that make each of us become a dynamic co-author, transforming works in current and renovated existences.

In fact, since a bit of time, reality is giving reason to him and to many other protagonists of the 60s and 70s committed art, of which today we rediscover ideas and projects, inspired by the desire to change the world.

His humanistic spirit led him to develop his work in a psychological tone, in order to help us know ourselves better, by making use of two psychological processes. With great sagacity, he after turns them into creative works. Through these works, the identification allows us to explore ourselves, projecting our being on the others so that we can get to know one another without putting ourselves at stake, almost as in a theatre or in a movie. Other works combine this psychological process with situations related to the most individual element we have: that great source of real life and experience that is our memory.

The title of the exhibition Verifica di una mostra 2.0 wants to emphasize the extraordinary vision of Aldo Tagliaferro who – since 1970 – has pursued and implemented the idea of art as something designed to be capable of transforming visitors from viewers into actors. In the year 2000, Web 2.0 was created and it does not like passive observers. Web 2.0 transforms users into actors, just as Tagliaferro anticipated. It offers wishful people a hitherto unknown possibility to interact and collaborate with one another in a creative exchange, building a virtual community animated by a spirit of mutual creative enrichment.

Today, the modernity that projects the works of Aldo Tagliaferro into the future, combined with the depth of his thought, as well as with the wealth and sociability of his humanity, are made even more precious by this anthology of thirty original works of the 1970 conceptual decade, that Osart Gallery dedicates to Aldo Tagliaferro and to this important issue.

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