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Temporal Harmonies

December 11th, 2008- February 15th, 2009 | Osart Gallery, Milan

The exhibition TEMPORAL HARMONIES was born with the desire to create a bond between two worlds, often treated by the artistic universe as two separate, non-communicating spheres: the historic on one side, and the modern/contemporary on the other. On this occasion, the Osart Gallery of Milan and the Studio Bibliografico ( Bibliographic Studio ) Giuseppe Solmi of Bologna combine their know-how to share with us all an interchange of mutual understanding between significant works of art belonging to different eras and different fields. Their coming together was made possible thanks to Tiziano Ortolani – who died two years ago, and to whom this exhibition is dedicated. He was a brilliant expert in the field of antique books, manuscripts and incunabola ( very early books ), and also of antique engravings. Contrary to what most people think, Tiziano Ortolani began his approach to the artistic scenario by collaborating with contemporary artists, now considered modern – amongst others Vincenzo Agnetti and Claudio Parmiggiani -, then went on to become an international reference point for early printing. Beppe Solmi and Andrea Sirio Ortolani aim, by re-tracing his life, at contributing to the creation of a bridge between the ancient and modern/contemporary worlds. They have created an exhibition which plays with epochs, art works and objects, as if they existed in an immaginary Wunderkammer, where we are invited to recognize then lose ourselves, to dream between the past and future. The purpose of the works selected is to help us participate in one of the principles which govern the universality and eclecticism of Tiziano Ortolani. In TEMPORAL HARMONIES bygone masterpieces, like books of hours, miniatures, paintings, sculptures, photographs.....cast a bridge over the river of time to forge a link with contemporary works of art. Within these reflections we discover hitherto undiscerned facets and affinities between the works, all of which combine to offer us the pleasure donated by the artistic and cultural continuity of an emotional, mental and aesthetic evolution.

During the exhibition a catalogue will be available in the gallery listing the works exhibited. It will include a tribute to Tiziano Ortolani written by Augusto Gughi Vegezzi. The catalogue will be presented in a numbered edition, limited to 600 copies.

The artists include: Vincenzo Agnetti, Wolfgang Aurifaber, Benedetto Bordone, Stefano Della Bella, Antonio Dias, Albrecht Durer, Titus Kaphar, Armando Marrocco, Paolo Monti, Charles Neel, Antonio Paradiso, Claudio Parmiggiani, Jean Pichore, T.V. Santosh, Maestro di Troyes, Atelier del Maestro dell'Echevinage di Rouen, Atelier del Maestro del Pellegrinaggio, William Xerra

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