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Miart 2021

17 - 19 September, 2021



Friday 17 - Sunday 19  September, 2021

fieramilanocity_MiCo, hall 4, viale Scarampo, Milan

Booth B69

On the occasion of Miart 2021, Osart Gallery presents The Dragon's Teeth.

The Dragon's Teeth (‘I denti del drago’) was the title of the exhibition curated by Daniela Palazzoli in 1972 at the L'Uomo e L'Arte Gallery in Milan. The title linked the show to Greek mythology, and to Cadmus who had to fight a dragon before founding the city of Thebes. After killing the dragon, on the advice of Athena he planted its teeth in the ground. Armed men sprouted from the dragon's teeth and Cadmus had to fight them until the few survivors helped him in the foundation of Thebes. Herodotus believed that it was Cadmus who had brought the Phoenician alphabet to Greece.

The 1972 exhibition pondered the relationship between book, language and content, andconceived books to be experienced rather than read.

Installation View
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