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Wilfred TIMIRE
(Harare, Zimbabwe, 1989)



Wilfred Timire works and lives in Harare. In 2021 he was one of the recipients of the ArtHARARE Africa prize. His artistic research is based on a profound analysis of the context he lives in, which sublimates in the tendency to assemble found objects, such as packaging material, and to sew them together in tapestries that represent everyday life experiences. The use of recycling has made him one of the most original representatives of Zimbabwe artistic research in recent times.


In 2020, Timire participated in the group show Artist in the stream X at Delta Gallery in Harare. In 2023 he exhibited with his peer Franklyn Dzingai in the shows Wadii? at Cape Town Art Residency, and Tributaries at Barnard Gallery, Cape Town.





Patonaz, Osart Gallery, Milan 

Tributaries – Contemporary Zimbabwean Narratives, Bernard Gallery, Cape Town 

Wadii?, Gallery 1957, African First, Cape Town Art Residency and artHARARE, Cape Town 


Shanduko, Osart Gallery, Milan


Artists in the Stream X, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe

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