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Robert BARRY

(New York,1936)


Robert Barry was born in New York in 1936. He lives and works in New Jersey.


Robert Barry is considered one of the pioneer and the most representative artist of the Conceptual Art movement. Around the middle of the '60s, Barry starts investigating the space around the canvas as well as the space within and the placement of the work in the exhibition context as a primary component of the artistic operation.


The artist questions the limits and the true nature of perception, our senses possibilities in relation with often unknown and intangible elements. It has always been for him the very act of perceiving, rather than the object of perception, to be interesting and meaningful. After years of experimentation where the artist used and experiment with the most varied media (ultrasonic sounds, inert gases and magnetism) to conduct his artistic research, in the early '70s Barry decides to focus on the word, as a unique vehicle of meanings and privileged tool of communication. 

The word can be painted on a canvas, directly on the wall, printed on paper, projected on slides or carved. Fundamental for the artist is the specialization of the word, the relationship between this and the emptiness around it. Faced with a great variety of meanings and signifiers, the fundamental constant of all his research remains the fact that between his mind and the public's gaze, there is a passing of ideas and concepts, not pre-established and intentional messages: a point of arrival and a departure that becomes the real creative engine of his work. To Robert Barry “art is a language and has roots in the language”.





Robert Barry, Early works, Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli, Italia


Robert Barry, Francesca Minini Gallery, Milano, Italia

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Robert Barry, Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia, Italia

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Robert Barry: Diptych, Window-Wallpiece, Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey, USA

Incomplete, Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli, Italia

New Work Amburgo - First Floor, Galerie Sfeir Sempler, Amburgo, Germania

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Robert Barry, Galerie Greta Meert, Bruxelles, Belgio


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Robert Barry, SoundPieces, Jan Mot, Città del Messico, Messico


Golden Words Giacomo Guidi e MG art, Roma, Italia

Troublesome, Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli, Italia


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Some Times, Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer, Dusseldorf, Germania

An Installation and a Video, Yvon Lambert, Le Studio, Parigi, Francia

New and Old Works, Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Amburgo, Germania            


Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia, Italia

25 Paintings and a Video, Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc., New York, USA

Installation, Yvon Lambert Project Room, Parigi, Francia

Robert Barry and Jonathan Monk, Galerie Widmer, Zurigo, Svizzera

Robert Barry and Sol LeWitt, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Parigi, Francia

Diptych, a Window/ Wallpiece, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, USA


Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Amburgo, Germania

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We Can Come, Works from 1963 to 1975"; travels to Aargauer Kunsthaus. Aarau, Svizzera, 2004


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Dum Umeni (House of Art) Brno, Repubblica Ceca

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Robert Barry and Heinz Gappmayr, 'Kunstraum, Vienna

Galerie Meert Rihoux, Bruxelles, Belgio

Galerie Bugdhan und Kaimer, Düsseldorf, Germania

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Robert Barry and Haim Steinbach"Galerie Yvon Lambert, Parigi, Francia

Galerie Yvon Lambert, Parigi, Francia

Holly Solomon Gallery, New York, USA

Art & Public, Ginevra, Svizzera


Galerie H.S. Steinek, Vienna, Austria

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Paul Maenz Gallery, Cologne, Germania

Galeria Primo Piano, Roma, Italia

Julian Pretto Gallery, New York, USA

Defryd Celf Gallery, Galles, Gran Bretagna

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Robert Barry & Lawrence Weiner, Christian Stein Gallery, Torino, Italia 


Closed Gallery" and "Marcuse Piece, Delfryd Celf Gallery, Lloyds Bank, Galles, Gran Bretagna

Robert Barry and Peter Downsbrough, Le Consortium, Dijon, Francia


The Renaissance Society, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA


Robert Barry: Wallpiece, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Parigi, Francia

David Bellman Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, USA

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Robert Barry Color Drawings, Galerie Paul Maenz, Cologne

Wallpiece, Leo Castelli, Gallery, New York, USA

Banco/Massimo Minini. Brescia, Italia

Fetes musicales De La Saint-Baume, Saint-Baume, Francia


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Robert Barry: new Drawings, Galerie Francoise Lambert, Milano, Italia

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A Wall Drawing, Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, USA

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Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco, California, USA

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"Portrait, Part II" P.S.1, Long Island City, New York, USA


Gian Enzo Sperone Gallery, New York, USA

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Galerie Yvon Lambert, Parigi, Francia

Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, USA

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Art & Project, Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi

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Eugenia Butler Gallery, Los Angeles, California

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Seth Siegelaub, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Galleria Sperone, Torino, Italia 


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"Le Bel Aujourd'hui"


Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, "Foto Text Text Soto",

Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Holland, "Travaux Publics (Public Works)", Bibliotheque Nationale de Francia, Galerie Colbert, Parigi, Francia, "EnFiligrane",

Galerie Foksal, Varsavia, Polonia, "Styki/Contact Prints",

Galerie Analix, Ginevra, Svizzera

Traveling Exhibition in the U.K. and U.S. organized by Book Works, Londra, Gran Bretagna, "Itinerant Texts",

Gilbert Brownstone & Cie, Parigi, Francia, "Happy Hour"

Museum in Progress, Reims, Francia, "a produites projects de 1990 a 1996 dans l'espace mediatique"

Thomas Solomon's Garage. Los Angeles, "Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Sol Lewitt: Early and Recent Works"

Galerie Bugdhan und Kaimer, Dusseldorf, Germania, "Black, Grey and White"


Galerie des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles, "Geometrie Sacree"

Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut, "On the Line: selections from the Lewitt Family Collection"

Palais Lichtenstein, Vienna, "die Sammlung Marzona"

Galerie Bugdhan und Kaimer, Düsseldorf, 'Abstand und Naehe", Prospect '68-'69-'71

L'Expo "In Vivo", various locations in Ginevra

Neues Museum, Weserburg Bremen, Germania, "Copie-Grafien",

Place Royale, Bruxelles, "Les Fragments du Desir"

"En Voyage; 45 degrees Nord and Longitude O," various locations, organized by CAPC Musee d'Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, Francia

Castello di Baia, Napoli, Italia, "Contemporaneously"

Villa Arson, Nice, Francia, "Murs du Sons"

Littlejohn-Sternau Gallery, New York, "Julien's Show II"

American Fine Arts Co., New York, "mapping, A Response to MoMA"

L'Espace d'Art Moderne et Contemporain de Toulouse et Midi-Pyrenees, "Corps de la Memoire"

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, "1965 – 1975: Reconsidering the Objects of Art"

Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum JoanneumGraz, Graz, Austria, "Pittura/Immedia, Painting in the 90's"

Stedelijke Academie Voor Schone Kunsten, Sint-Niklaas, Belgio, "Dubbel Spel"

Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Parigi, Parigi, "Passions Privees"


Chateau de Villeneuve, Vence, Francia, "Pour les Chapelles de Vence," travelled to Espace des Arts, Chalon-sur –Saone, and CAPC Musee d'Art Contemporain, Bordeaux

Schlossmuseum Weimar, Weimar, Germania, "Werke aus der Sammlung Paul Maenz"

Provincial Museum, Hasselt, Belgio, "Dialogues"

Holly Solomon Gallery, New York, "Visceral Responses"

Paula Cooper Gallery, New York; Le Consortium, Dijon, Francia; Le Capiton, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Frejus, Francia; Staedtische Galerie Goppingen, Germania; Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milano; Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; "Pictures of the Real World (In Real Time)," organized by Robert Nickas

Musee d'Art Moderne et Contemporain, Ginevra, "Rudiments d'un Musee Possible"

Southhampton City Art Gallery, Southhampton, Gran Bretagna, "Wall to Wall"

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., "From Minimal to Conceptual Art: Works from the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection"


Heiligenkreuzerhof/Galerie Metropol, Vienna, "Live in Your Head," curated by Robert Nickas

Galerie Yvon Lambert, Parigi, "Le Monde En Eclats, L'Oevre En Effraction"

Lisson Gallery, Londra, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

Kunsthalle Vienna; Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, "Die Sprache der Kunst"

Ueberwasserkirche, Munster, Germania, "Gegenbilder"

Museion, Museo d'Arte Moderna, Bolzano, "Sound"


Kunje Gallery, Seoul, Corea, "Words"

Musee d'Art Moderne, Nice, Francia, "Harry Shunk Projects: Pier 18"

Stedelijk van Abbemuseum, "Uit de eigen collectic: Weiner, Barry & Kosuth"

Galerie Senda, Barcelona, Spagna, "Robert Barry, Bryan Hunt, Allan McCollum, Dennis Oppenheim"

Musee d'art moderne, Villeneuve d'Ascq, Francia, "Yvon Lambert Collectione"

University Art Museum, Santa Barbara, California, "Knowledge, Aspects of Conceptual Art"

The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut, "Open Mind: The LeWitt Collection"

Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer, Düsseldorf, "Robert Barry, Marianne Eigenheer, Mic Enneper, Peter Hutchinson, Jürgen Klagran Bretagnae, Marie Jo Lafontaine"


Studio Oggetto, Milano, "Teorici Americani"

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York

The Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery, Hunter College, New York, "8 Young Artist, Then + Now, 1964 – 1991", curated by E.C. Goossen

Van Der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal, Germania, "Buchstaeblich, Words and Images in Today's Art" Prino Piano, Roma, "Tre Opere 1965 – 1975, John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Lawrence Weiner"

Galerie Renos Xippas, Parigi, "The Painted Desert" curated by Robert Nickas

Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Monaco, "Denk-Bilder, Kunst der Gegenwart 1960 – 1990

Hannover, Germania, "Aussenraum-Innenstadt" Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York, "1964" curated by Robert Nickas


Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, "The 60's Revisited—New Concepts / New Materials"

Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, "Art Redefined"

Nahan Contemporary, New York, "Robert Barry, Marianne Heske, Vladimir Zakrewski"

Galerie Christine and Isy Brachot, Bruxelles, Belgio, "Red", curated by Robert Nickas

Nahan Contemporary, New York, "Concept—Decoratif; Anti-Formalist Art of the 70's"

Nahan Contemporary, New York, "No Trends"

The Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami, Florida, "From the Collection of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel"

Rubin Spangle Gallery, New York, "Beyond the Frame"

The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield Conneticut, "Language in Art"

Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germania, "Conceptual Art, Minimal Art, Arte Povera, Land Art, Sammlung Marzona"

Galerie 1900 – 2000, Parigi, "Conceptual Art Conceptual Forms"

Milwagran Bretagnaee Art Museum, Milwagran Bretagnaee, Wisconsin, "Word as Image, American Art 1960 – 1990", traveling to Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas

Wasserman Galerie, Monaco, "Der Freie Raum"

Deutsches Postmuseum, Frankfurt, Germania, "Vom Verschwinden der Ferne"

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, "Inquiries, Language in Art", Exhibition traveled to other galleries in Canada

Terrain Gallery, San Francisco, "Information"

Hal Bromm Gallery, New York, "Works from the Seventies"

Thomas Siegal Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, "Art and Language"


Art Gallery, York University, Toronto, Canada, "From Concept to Content: Robert Barry, Stanley Brown, Daniel Buren and Lawrence Weiner" curated by David Bellman

Musee des Beaux Arts, Dijon, Francia, "Une Autre Affair"

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, "Words"

Nahan Contemporary, New York, "Disappearances"

Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Villa Arson, Nice, Francia, "Pas A Cote Pas N'Importe Ou 4"

Frankfurter Kunstverein and Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germania; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Galerie Gabrielle Maubrie, Parigi, "Minimal + Conceptuel"

Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut, "Ideas and Ephemera," curated by Robert C. Morgan


Museum Ludwig, Cologne, "Marcel Duchamp und die Avant-Garde seit 1950"

Victoria Miro Gallery, Londra, "Robert Barry, Stanley Brouwn, Daniel Buren, Alan Charlton, Lawrence Weiner, Ian Wilson"

Museum Fridericianum Kassel, West Germania, "Schlaf der Vernunft"

Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Paesi Bassi; Carre d'Art, Musee d'Art Contemporain, Nimes, Francia, "Collection DV"

Whitney Museum of American Art, Federal Reserve Plaza, New York, "Modes of Address: Language in Art since 1960"

Musee d'Art Contemporaine de Bordeaux, Francia, "Art Conceptual I"

Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, "20th Anniversary Group Exhibition"

Galerie Paul Maenz, Cologne, "Group Show"

Kunsthalle Bielefeld, West Germania, "Beyond the Picture: Works by Barry, LeWitt, Mangold and Tuttle from the Collection of Dorothy & Herbert Vogel"

Galerie Catherine Issert, Parigi, "Dessins"

Centro Cultura Art, Messico City, "Leo Castelli & His Artists: 30 Years of Promoting Contemporary Art"

Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, "Pictorial Grammar"

Galerie Johnen und Schöttle, Cologne

Francoise Lambert Gallery, Milano, "Robert Barry, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Giulo Paolini, Lawrence Weiner"

Castello di Rivoli, Museo d'Art Contemporanea, Torino, Italia, "Robert Barry, John Baldessari, Stanley Brouwn, Gunther Tuzina, Lawrence Weiner


Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, "An American Renaissance: Painting and Sculpture since 1940," curated by Sam Hunter

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, "Individuals: A Selection of Contemporary Art"


Yvon Lambert Gallery, Parigi, "Oeuvres Moderns d'Art Contemporain" Edith C. Blum Art Institute, Bard College, Annadale-on-Hudson, New York, "The Maximal Implications of the Minimal Line"


The Guiness Hop Store, Dublin, "ROSC '84"

Galeria Francoise Lambert, Milano

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., "Content: A Contemporary Focus, 1974 – 1984"

Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, Bruxelles, "Regard sur la Quatrieme Dimensioin: L'Art et Le Temps"

Kunsthaus, Amburgo, "Im Toten Winkel"Seagram Building, New York, "Drawings by Sculptors: Decades of Non-Objective Art in the Seagram Collection" (travelling exhibition)Musee Saint-Pierre, Lione, Francia, "Acquisition 1984: Art Contemporain" University Art Museum, California State University. Long Beach, California, "Selections from the Collection of Sol LeWitt"


Massimo Minini, Brescia, Italia, "Sessanta Opere"

Paul Maenz, Cologne, "Master Works of Conceptual Art"

A Pierre et Marie, Parigi, "Conception II"

Kassel, Germania, "Documenta VII"

Crown Point Press, Oakland, California, "Artists' Photographs"

Musee de Toulon, Toulon, Francia, "Sans Titre"

Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal, Canada, "Livres d'Artistes"

Centre d'Art Plastique Contemporains de Bordeaux, Francia, "Antiform et Arte Povera: sculptures 1966 – 69"

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, California: Aspen Center for the Visual Arts, Aspen, Colorado; Leo Castelli Gallery, New York; Portland Center for the Visual Arts, Portland, Oregon; Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin Texas; "Castelli and His Artists"

The Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conneticut, "Postminimalism"

Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal, Canada, "Musique-Son-Language-Theatre" 


Internationale Ausstellung Köln, "Westkunst"

Ben Shahn Gallery, William Patterson College, Wayne, New Jersey, "4 x 7 from the Vogel Collection"


Cowell College Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz; Oakland Museum, Oakland California; "Music, Sound, Language, Theatre"

Städtische Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; "Sammlung Panza"

Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, "Drawings to Benefit the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, Inc." 


InK, Halle Fuer Internationale Neue Kunst, Zurigo

Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas, "The Literal Use of Time'

Museum Bochum, Bochum, West-Germania; Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italia; "Words Words"

Centre Pompidou, Parigi, "Une Exposition d'Artistes Invites par Ian Wilson"

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, "73rd American Exhibition


Julian Pretto Gallery, New York, "Conceptual Art"

Artists Space, New York, "Audio Works"

Julian Pretto Gallery, New York, "New Works"


Museum of Modern Art, New York, "Bookworks"

Fruit Market Gallery, Edinburgh, Scozia

Carlisle Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle, Gran Bretagna

Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, Georgia, " Open to New Ideas: A Collection of New Art for Jimmy Carter"

Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, "Robert Barry, Don Judd, Robert Morris, Keith Sonnier"

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Downtown Branch, "Words"

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Illinois, "Words at Liberty"

Camerawork, Inc., San Francisco, "Robert Barry, Barbara Jo Reville, Art Brewer, Robert Schiappacasse"

University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, "Works from the Collection of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel"


Cannaviello Studio d'Arte, Roma, "Drawing, USA"

Sable-Castelli Gallery, Ltd., Toronto, "Survey, Part II"

The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, "Ideas on Paper 1970 – 76"

Paul Maenz, Cologne, "Projects/Drawings/Diagrams"


KAA Gallery, Toronto, Canada, "Language & Structure in North America", ( a circulating exhibition at The Clocktower, New York; The Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio;

"Painting, Drawing & Sculpture from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel"

Sarah Lawrence College Gallery, Bronxville, New York, "Word, Image, Number"


The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C., "Art Now"

Art and Project, Amsterdam/MTL, Antwerp, Belgio. "Ninth Anniversary Exposition"

Galleria Dell'Obelisco, Roma, "De Mathematica"

Paul Maenz, Cologne, "13 Projects '74 Artists"

Kunstverein, Braunschweig, "Concept Art"

Kunsthalle, Cologne, Project '74, "Kunst bleibt Kunst"


Parcheggio di Villa Borghese, Roma, "Contemporanea"


Mills College, Oakland, California, "Notes and Scores for Sounds"

Kassel, Germania, "Documenta 5 "

Basel, Svizzera, "Konzept"-Kunst"

Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York."Art Without Limit"Cologne Art Fair, Cologne, West Germania

Biennale di Venezia, Venezia, Italia

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, "Kunst Als Boek"

Galerie Yvon Lambert, Parigi "Actualite d'un Bilan"

Art and Project, Amsterdam

Westfaelischer Kunstverein, Landesmuseum, Münster, Germania, "Das Konzept ist die Form"

Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, Gran Bretagna, "Drawing"


Sir George Williams University, Montreal, Canada, "Conceptual Art"

Zagreb, Yugoslavia, "At the Moment"

Kunsthalle Nurnberg, "Artist, Theory & Work"

Francoise Lambert, Parigi, "Eight Proposals"

Galerie 16, Kyoto, Japan, "Conceptual Extension"

Westfalischer Kunstverein zu Munster, "Concept Art"

Centro de Arte y Comunicacion and Museum of Modem Art of Buenos Aires, "Art Systems"

Museum of Modern Art, New York, "Project: Pier 18"

Galerie SKC, Belgrade, Yugoslavia "In Another Moment"

Düsseldorf, Germania, "Prospect 71"

Biennale de Parigi, Parigi, Francia 


Sidney Janis Gallery, New York, "String and Rope"

Parigi, "18 Parigi IV, '70"

Allen Memorial Art Museum, OBerlino College, OBerlino, Ohio, "Art in the Mind"

La Jolla Museum of Art, La Jolla, California, "Projections: Anti-Materialism"

New York Cultural Center, New York, "Conceptual Art and Conceptual Aspects"

Museum of Modern Art, New York, "Information"

Galleria Civica d'Art Moderna, Torino, Italia, "Conceptual Art and Arte Povera, Land Art"

Kyoto Municipial Museum of Fine Arts, Kyoto, Japan, "Nirvana"

Art and Project, Amsterdam

Galleria San Fedele, Milano, "Concept and Concept"

Nigel Greenwood Gallery, Londra, GB

New York State Council of the Arts, "Critic's Choice"

Studio International Londra "Groups" (a magazine exhibition organized by Seth Siegelaub)

Art and Project, Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi

The Jewish Museum, New York, "Software," curated by Jack Burnham,


San Francisco Art Institute

Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, USA

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia

Eugenia Butler Gallery, Los Angeles, "Conception-Perception"

Seth Siegelaub, New York, "July, August, September"

Seattle Art Museum Pavillion, Seattle, "557,087" and Vancouver Museum of Art, Vancouver, British Columbia, "995,000"

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, "Prospect 69"

School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, "groups"

Seth Siegelaub, New York, "January 5-31, 1969"

Seth Siegelaub, New York, "March 1969"

Kunsthalle Bern; The Institute of Contemporary Art, Londra, "When Attitudes Become Form…"

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germania "Op Losse Schroeven"


Bradford Junior College, Bradford, Massachusetts, USA

Windham College, Putney, Vermont, USA

American Federation of Art, "The Square Painting"

Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, USA

Siegelaub-Wendler, New York, "Xerox Book"


Muller Gallery, Stuttgart


Stephen Radich Gallery, New York, USA

The Guggenheim Museum, New York, "Systematic Painting"

Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York; Stable Gallery, New York; "Distillation," curated by E.C. Goosse


Westerly Gallery, New York. "The New Edge" 


American Federation of Arts, New York (traveling exhibition)

Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, New York; Bennington College,

Bennington, Vermont, "Eight Young Artists" curated by E.C. Goossen

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