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Stephen DEAN

(Paris, 1968)


Stephen Dean is a French American artist based in New York City. His time-based works, installations and watercolors summon physiological and anthropological approaches to color. Often working from existing forms or events, Dean focuses on the immediacy of color and it’s ability to precede language and cultural codes. His contemplative and immersive works engage the chromatic spectrum as a spatial and social matter while pursuing structures, patterns and moments of chromatic intensity, in the everyday world. 


A self-taught artist, Dean started exhibiting in NY at the Bronx Museum AIM program and at the Drawing Center Selection Spring in the mid 90s. 


He has exhibited nationally and internationally; notable museum exhibitions include “ Drawing as practice” National Academy of Design, NY; “Art of Sport”, Copenhagen Contemporary; “Le cours des choses”, CAPC, Bordeaux; “The Beautiful Game,” Perez Museum, Miami, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA;  “Shock of the News,” National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.;  “Les Maitres du Désordre,” Musée du quai Branly, Paris;  “Double Down: Two Visions of Las Vegas,” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art;  "Living with Duchamp" at the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore college, NY.


His works have been featured in the Whitney Biennial, the Seville Biennial, the Istanbul Biennial, the 51st Venice Biennial, SITE Santa Fe Biennial, and the Moscow Biennial. 


In 2010 he was a fellow at the Villa Medici, French academy in Rome. In 2014, Rice University Public Art commissioned him a permanent installation for the Anderson Clarke Center for Continuing studies. In 2017 Dean completed a 70' permanent wall installation, titled “Crosswords” commissioned by the Percent for Art/New York City Department of Cultural Affairs for a public school in Brooklyn, NY. The following year, he received the Peter S. Reed foundation grant. His early watercolors were the subject of a monograph published by Bandini Books in 2020 titled “Morning comes without warning”. In 2022, his sculpture Prayer Mill was part of the exhibition “Odd Convergences”, curated by Jean-Hubert Martin at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.


His installation Crescendo is currently on view at Basilique Saint Denis until september 2024.





Crescendo, Basilique de Saint Denis   -  Noirmont art production / Centre des monuments nationaux


Morning comes without morning, Mouvements/rue Visconti, Paris


Rehearsal with Props, Casa Triangulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Enigma of Arrival, Hermès Iguatemi, Sao Paulo, Brazil

ROPE, FRAC Corsica, Corte


Crosswords,  NYC Percent for Art /  Department of Cultural Affairs, PS/IS 338, Brooklyn, NY ( permanent installation )


Ameringer McEnery Yohe, New York, NY


How Far Is Red, SWATCH, Zurich Flughafen, Switzerland


Ladder descending a staircase, Anderson-Clarke Center for Continuing Studies, Rice University, Houston, TX ( permanent installation )

Jugglers,  AmeringerMcEnery Yohe, New York, New York

Chaos of color,  McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas

Jugglers, Casa Triangulo,  Sao Paulo, Brazil


Works on Paper and Edges,  Baldwin gallery, Aspen, Colorado


Fever,  Centro Cultural Koldo Mitxelena, San Sebastian, Spain


Fever,  Le Chateau d'Eau, Bourges, France

Trampolines,  Ecole Superieure d'Art et Media, Caen, France


Watercolors & videos,  Baldwin gallery, Aspen, Colorado

Sara Meltzer gallery, New York, NY

Obra Reciente,  Galeria Max Estrella, Madrid, Spain


Countdown,  Casa Triangulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Miniature,  Tokyo Wonder Site institute of Contemporary Art, Japan


Angle of bending,  Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO

Silent Pictures,  Sara Meltzer gallery, New York, NY

No More Bets,  Galeria Max Estrella, Madrid, Spain


VOLTA,  Miami Art Museum, FL

Grand Prix,  Galerie Xippas, Paris, France

Exit Contemporary Art Institute,  Peja, Kosovo


Stephen Dean,  Museum of Fine Arts of Santander, Spain


Galerie Xippas, Athenes, Greece


VOLTA,  Henry Urbach Architecture, New York, NY

Galerie Xippas, Paris, France


PULSE,  Henry Urbach Architecture, New York, NY

PULSE, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, NC

Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Galerie Xippas, Paris, France


Hales Gallery, London, England

Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Galerie Xippas, Paris, France


Galerie Cohn-Edelstein, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Galerie Xippas, Paris, France





CrossWords, Osart Gallery, Milan

Drawing as practice, curated by Sara Reisman and Natalia Viera Salgado, National Academy of Design, New York, NY


What is the proper way to display a flag ? curated by Ingo Clauß,  Weserburg Museum für Moderne Kunst, Bremen

Art of the Terraces, curated by Pauline Rushton,  Walker Art gallery, National Museums Liverpool

Building the beautiful gameDesign,  Design Museum, London


Affinités Insolites,  curated by Jean Hubert Martin, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow 

Humano más humano, curated by Nimfa Bisbe, La Fundación “La Caixa” @  Fundación Barrié, La Coruna 

Art of Sport,  curated by Marie Nipper, Copenhagen Contemporary


Le cours des choses,  curated by Alice Motard and Sandra Patron, CAPC, Musée d’ art contemporain de Bordeaux

Inner space / other space,  curated by Simon Watson The Bunker Artspace, Miami 

Fantastic Voyage, Peter Piper Pictures, Redhook, NY


Selection from the permanent collection, The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC

Times of Upheaval. Stories and microstories in the IVAM collection,  Institut Valencia d’Art Modern, Valencia, Spain

Remake - Quand la video rejoue le cinema, FRAC Normandie Rouen

Projection of Presence, Elgyz Museum, Istanbul

Imagetica Hot,  curated by Henrique Menezes, Galeria do DMAE, Porto Alegre             


The World's Game,  curated by Franklin Sirmans, Perez Art Museum Miami, FL 

Rose Ocean: Living with Duchamp,  curated by Ian Berry, Tang Museum at Skidmore college, NY

Naturel pas Naturel,  curated by Anne Alessandri and Philippe Costamagna, Palais Fesch Musée des Beaux-Arts d' Ajaccio

En voiture, artistes de la collection des Abattoirs, Musée/FRAC, Lézignan-Corbières    


Zoo Machine,  curated by Thierry Ollat, Musée d’Art Contemporain, Marseille

Round Colors, Monteverita, Paris

Sans Réserve, Parcours de la collection du MacVaL, Vitry sur Seine

Smell of Malaga, Perceptiones olfativas de coleccion olorVISUAL, Museo Municipal de Malaga

Fever, MOVIMENTA / Facade du Theatre National de Nice 


Coleccion olorVISUAL,  curated by Nekane Aramburu,  Es Baluard, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palma, Spain

Slow Dimwitted Carnage,  Coustof Waxman gallery, New York, NY

Radiant Space,  McClain gallery, Houston, TX

Matin Midi Soir,  curated by Laure Flammarion,  Honoré Visconti , Paris

Black & White & Red All Over,  curated by Sara Reisman,  Galerie L'Inlassable, Paris *

Tropicalia,  L'Inlassable Museum, Paris


The Museum Imagined,  curated by Lilly Wei,  Danese Corey gallery,  New York, NY

Nature/Nurture,  curated by Ron Platt,  Grand Rapids Art Museum, MI 

Arquitecturas y Espacios en la Collecion RAC,  Centro Cibeles, Madrid, Spain

IRIS Time, L' Inlassable Museum, New York, NY

(647912), L' Inlassable galerie, New York, NY


Futbol: The Beautiful Game,  curated by Frankin Sirmans,  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA  

FAIRPLAY, curated by Cristina Perrella,  Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo, Rome

Art=Text+Art, Works from the Kramarsky Collection, UB Anderson gallery, University of Buffalo, NY

LIGHT3, curated by Lilly Wei,  Fridman gallery, New York, NY

Honoré, curated by Laure Flammarion & Pauline Leveque,  Rue Visconti, Paris

Rumor...decolonials,  curated by Suset Sanchez,  Collecion La Caixa,  Barcelona, Spain  Casa Triangulo No Pivo,  Copan Building, Sao Paolo, Brazil


Junkies' promises,  curated by Ivan Navarro,  Paul Kasmin gallery, New York, NY 

Art=Text=Art, Works from the Kramarsky Collection,  The Hafnarfjordur Center of Fine Art, Iceland

Celestial,  McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas


Shock of the news,  curated by Judith Brodie,  National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.  

Audience as Subject,  curated by Betti-Sue Hertz,  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Art=Text=Art, Works from the Kramarsky Collection,  Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, NJ

Targets,  curated by Claude d'Anthenaise,  Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris,  

Les Maitres du Désordre,  curated by Jean de Loisy,  Musee du quai Branly, Paris 


Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum, Pro Arte foundation / Russian Ethnographic Museum, St.Petersurg

Art=Text=Art, Works from the Kramarsky Collection,  Richmond University Museum, VA

Car Fetish, I drive therefore I am,  curated by Roland Wetzel,  Tinguely Museum, Basel, Switzerland

Mary Poppins is a junkie,  ShowRoom Gallery, New York, NY

Grande Image Lab,  curated by Christophe Domino,  Nuit Blanche, Paris, France

L’ Art est un sport de combat,  curated by Jean-Marc Huitorel,  Musée des Beaux Arts de Calais, France 


The Jewel Thief,  curated by Jessica Stockholder & Ian Berry,  Tang Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY

I Mutanti,  curated by Eric de Chassey,  Villa Medici, Rome, Italy

Coleccion Premios Altadis,  curated by Maria and Lorena Del Corral,  La Lonja, Alicante, Spain

Cromocronias,  Centro José Guerrero, Granada, Spain

One Shot,  curated by Pierre-Olivier Rollin,  B.P.S.22 Charleroi, Belgium


Against Exclusion,  curated by Jean Hubert Martin,  3rd Moscow Biennial, Garage for Contemporary Culture, Moscow

Talking Pictures,  curated by Laura Steward,  SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wintry,  Magazzino d' Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy

AUTO, Dream and Matter,  curated by Alberto Martin,  Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo de Madrid, Spain


Double Down: Two Visions of Las Vegas,  curated by Henry Urbach,  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Into the trees,  curated by Lilly Wei,  Art OMI, Ghent, NY

Plus de realité,  Le Hangar a Bananes, Nantes, France

Landerspiel,  Museum Moderner Kunst Kaernten, Klagenfurt, Austria


Mouth Open, Teeth Showing, Major works from the True Collection,  Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington

20th anniversary show,  Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York,

Esquiador en el fondo de un pozo, curated by Michel Blanc-Sube,  La Coleccion Jumex, Mexico

Building Spills and Spins Past Midnight,  Galerie Les Filles du Calvaires, Brussels


Stillpoints of the Turning World,  curated by Klaus Ottman,  Site Santa Fe Biennial, New Mexico 

New York Interrupted,  curated by Dan Cameron, PKM gallery, Beijing, China 

Ball the Wall,  David Risley Gallery, London, England

The Beautiful Game,  curated by Franklyn Sirmans & Trevor Schoonmaker,  Roebbling Hall Gallery, New York, New York

La Force de l'art,  Grand Palais, Paris, France

Human Game,  curated by Francesco Bonami and Stefano Tonchi, Fondazione Pitti, Florence, Italy

L’ Inde dans tous les sens,  curated by Hervé Mikaeloff,  L’Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris

Art and Football,  curated by Alfons Hug,  Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Always a Little Further,  curated by Rosa Martinez,  Arsenal, 51st International Venice Biennial, Italy 

Facade projections,  Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Roundleather world,  curated by Harald Szeeman,  Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany

War is over,  Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, Italy

Paris in Shanghai,  curated by Jean-Luc Monterosso,  Shanghai Museum of Fine Art, China

arilla,  curated by Ivan Navarro,  Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Santiago, Chili 

Airborne,  Henry Urbach Architecture, New York, New York

Double Vision,  curated by Maria Rosa Sossai,  Magazzino d'Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy


The Joy of my Dreams,  curated by Harald Szeeman, 1st International Biennial of Sevilla, Spain

Open House,  Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, New York

Prix Altadis,  Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris / Elba Benitez, Madrid, Spain

The Human Condition, The Dream of a Shadow, Museo d’Historia, Barcelona

Multitudes,  Fond Regional d'Art Contemporain Corse, France


Poetic Justice,  curated by Dan Cameron,  8th Istanbul Biennial, Turkey

Living with Duchamp,  curated by Ian Berry,  Tang Museum, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York

The Stadium,  Muro Sur: Contemporary Art Gallery, Santiago, Chili

Post-Impact,  curated by Georges Armaos,  Collection Portalakis, Athenes, Greece

Nuit Blanche,  curated by Noelle Chabert,  Musée Zadkine, Paris, France


Whitney Biennial,  curated by Larry Rinder,  Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York

The Theory of Leisure,  curated by Dan Cameron,  La Coleccion Jumex, Mexico

Nao e cinema, nao e televisao e nem e video,  Capacete Entertainments, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Déplacements,  curated by Dominique Abensour,  Le Quartier, Quimper, France

Exotisme, vu d'ici, vues d'aileurs, Fond Regional d'Art Contemporain Corse


Finely Drawn,  Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, North Carolina


Wall paper,  Nicolas Davis Gallery, New York New, New York

Hales Gallery, London, England


Paolo Baldacci Gallery, New York, New York

Oeuvres du FNAC,  Musée de Grenoble, France


Walk on the Soho Side,  curated by Marc Pottier,  New York, New York

Guillaume Galozzi Gallery,  New York, New York

Autour de Cercle et Carré,  Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou, Cajarc, France


Selection Spring' 95,  The Drawing Center, New York, New York

Avant-garde Walk in Venezia, curated by Marc Pottier, Venice


Crash,  curated by Tom Zummer,  Thread Waxing Space, New York, New York

Friends,  55 Mercer St. Gallery, New York, New York

Possible Things,  curated by Vik Muniz,  Bardamu Gallery, New York, New York

Artists in the Marketplace,  Bronx Museum for the Arts, New York, New York

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